Budget Insights: Introduction to PBO services

Chrysanthe Psychogios
PBO Seminar
29 February 2024

Presentation slides [PDF 1 MB]

Inter-Parliamentary Study Program

Stein Helgeby and John Clark
15 March 2024

Presentation slides (PDF 710 KB) 

Budget Insights: Navigating the Budget papers

Stein Helgeby and John Clark
PBO Seminar
17 April 2024

Presentation slides (PDF 2 MB)


Budget Insights: Trends in personal income tax

Dr Cameron Chisholm
PBO Seminar
15 March 2023

How the taxation of superannuation affects welfare and the budget

Dr Cameron Chisholm
Australian Conference of Economists
11 July 2023

Presentation slides [PDF 693 KB]


Bracket creep and its fiscal impact

Dr Cameron Chisholm
Australian Conference of Economists
11 July 2022

Presentation slides [PDF 601 KB]


Insights into the Parliamentary Budget Office

Stein Helgeby, Parliamentary Budget Officer
Senate Occasional Lecture Series
12 November 2021

View the full presentation here.
Presentation slides with notes [PDF 4.91 MB]

Fiscal sustainability

Stein Helgeby, Parliamentary Budget Officer
Parliamentary Library seminar series address
15 September 2021

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Address [PDF 256 KB]
Presentation with charts [PTT 6.05 MB]

JobSeeker Payment: Understanding economic and policy trends affecting Commonwealth expenditure

2021 Australian Conference of Economists (ACE)
14 July 2021

Presentation slides [PPT 2.55 MB]


Maintaining trust in the parliamentary process

15th Biennial Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees Conference
7 November 2019

Presentation slides [PDF 533 KB]

Establishing a Parliamentary Budget Office - the Australian experience

New Zealand Treasury, New Zealand
23 September 2019

Presentation slides [PDF 2.04 MB]

Striving for influence: the importance of accessibility, transparency and humility in the provision of economic policy advice

Jenny Wilkinson
Contribution to Keynote panel discussion:
“How can economics contribute to better policy-making in the future?”:  
Australian Conference of Economists, Melbourne,
15 July 2019

Presentation [PDF 177 KB]


Australia’s current and longer term fiscal environment

2018 ACOSS National Conference: Sydney
29 October 2018

Presentation [PDF 885 KB]

Fiscal transparency and the Parliamentary Budget Office

Open Budget Survey for Australia, Australian National University
20 March 2018

Presentation [PDF 616 KB]


The Parliamentary Budget Office

Presentation to new Senators, Canberra
24 August 2016

Presentation slides [PPT 113 KB]

Supporting Australian democracy

African Parliamentary Budget Office Conference, Cape Town
17-19 August 2016

Presentation slides [PPT 119 KB]


The Parliamentary Budget Office: Supporting Australian democracy

Senate Occasional Lecture
25 September 2015

Presentation [PDF 182 KB]

Impact of political systems on budget performance

4th International Policy Forum on Budgeting, Seoul
21-22 September 2015

Presentation slides [PPT 1.01 MB]

Independent evaluation of the Australian PBO 

7th Annual Meeting of OECD Parliamentary Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions, Vienna
16 April 2015

Presentation slides [PPT 113 KB]


The Parliamentary Budget Office: an independent fiscal institution

Canberra Probus Club
5 August 2014

Presentation slides [PPT 116 KB]

The role of independent fiscal institutions in costings

6th annual meeting of OECD Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions, Jerusalem
1 April 2014

Presentation slides [PPT 235 KB]


Maintaining a focus on fiscal discipline and budget transparency - the role of the Parliamentary Budget Office

Carnegie Mellon University Australia Distinguished Speaker Series, Adelaide
29 November 2013

Presentation [PDF 98 KB]


The Parliamentary Budget Office: An independent and non-partisan institution of the Australian Parliament

CPA Congress, Canberra
16 November 2012

Presentation [PDF 226 KB]

The Parliamentary Budget Office: A new institution of the Parliament

House Briefing, Canberra
18 September 2012

Presentation [PDF 236 KB]