The Election commitments report serves an important role in encouraging parliamentary parties to announce fully costed election commitments and to publish their election platforms prior to polling day.

The report presents the budget impacts of the policy platforms for all major parties (the Coalition, Australian Labor Party and Australian Greens), as well as any minor parties and independents who choose to be included in the report.

The report helps Parliament and the public hold parties to account by creating a record of all the promises made during an election, and their full cost. The process evens the ‘playing field’ by giving non-government parties and independents access to costings and may also support future debate on policy, rather than on the accuracy of costings.

The report details the budget impacts of the election commitments made by the major political parties, and minor parties and independents that choose to be included. We are required to publish the report in less than 30 days from the end of the caretaker period, or within 7 days before the first sitting day of Parliament, whichever is later.

For further information see our Guide to the election commitments report [PDF 981 KB].