This section provides guidance on submitting a request and the standards, processes and templates governing how requests are managed. Use our how to guide to step through the process.

Making a request

We encourage you to discuss your request with us prior to formally submitting it, particularly if you have questions on how to specify the request. These conversations are confidential and can greatly assist both PBO analysts and you to understand the detail of a query and to shape the formal request. Please contact us on 02 6277 9500 or

A formal request for costing or analysis must be submitted by the parliamentarian to Each request:

  • must include a signed letter from the parliamentarian, or email from the parliamentarian's email account, that is addressed to the Parliamentary Budget Officer
  • should include a completed PBO request template (see below).

You will receive an acknowledgement and a tracking number by email once your request is registered. The tracking number makes each request easier to identify in future correspondence.

PBO request templates  
Costing request template Budget information request template



Guidance on submitting a request

There are many elements to consider when requesting work from the PBO. This guidance will help you when thinking about a request.

PBO costing processes, timeframes and prioritisation framework

Information on the costing process, factors affecting response times and the prioritisation framework we apply.

What is a PBO costing?

Information about what a costing is, how a costing is produced and how a PBO costing should be interpreted.