03 November 2022

PBO Conference


Across the day we heard from Australian and international leaders about the importance of independent agencies like the PBO, the challenges of using data in public policy, fiscal challenges for Australia over the next decade and more.

Program and speakers

Please note: The views expressed are those of the speakers and not of the PBO.

Speakers / Panel members Presentation topic 
Mr Rob Oakeshott
Former Member for Lyne (2008-2013)
Former JCPAA member

The first 10 years - why create the PBO?

Presentation slide [Download PDF 1.1 MB]

Mr Mark Hadley
Chair, OECD’s Working Party of Parliamentary
Budget Officials and Independent Fiscal Institutions

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel,
Congressional Budget Office

Independent fiscal institutions in theory and in practice

Presentation slide [Download PDF 850 KB]

Mr Julian Hill MP
Chair of the Joint Committee of Public
Accounts and Audit (JCPAA)

The PBO will matter even more in the next decade

Read the speech here.

Ms Danielle Wood
CEO, Grattan Institute

Wicked problems: using data for better public policy

Presentation slide [Download PDF 4.6 MB]

Mr Anthony Close
Victorian Parliamentary Budget Officer

The digital revolution is here... where are you?

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Mr Andrew Murray
Former Senator for Western Australia

Dr Steven Kennedy PSM
Secretary, The Treasury (Australia)

Ms Melinda Cilento
CEO, Committee for Economic Development of
Australia (CEDA)

Ms Caralee McLiesh
Secretary, The Treasury (New Zealand)

Challenges for the decade ahead:
Australia and the region
(Panel discussion)

Stein Helgeby
Parliamentary Budget Officer

Please note: The views expressed are those of the speakers and not of the PBO.