This dataset provides a range of historical time-series for budget aggregates, heads of revenue, and expenses by function. It includes fiscal data published in the Government's latest budget update, along with time-series sourced from historical budget updates that has not previously been made available in a single location. 

Update Data download Date issued
2024-25 Budget

[Excel 744 KB]

15 May 2024

2023-24 MYEFO

[Excel 519 KB]

15 December 2023

2023-24 Budget [Excel 576 KB] 10 May 2023
2022-23 October Budget [Excel 525 KB] 25 October 2022
2022-23 March Budget [Excel 210 KB] 29 March 2022
2021-22 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook [Excel 189 KB] 4 February 2022
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