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The Contingency Reserve

Examines the definition and use of the Contingency Reserve and its major components.

Date issued: 24 April 2024

Policy Reform Options for Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax

Advice provided to Senator David Pocock and Senator Jacqui Lambie:
6 March 2024

Date issued: 23 April 2024

Tax exemption for university foreign students information

Advice provided to Senator Gerard Rennick: 21 March 2024

Date issued: 22 March 2024

Public property developer

Advice provided to Mr Adam Bandt MP:
1 March 2024

Date issued: 07 March 2024

Unlegislated measures tracker

A list of Commonwealth Government measures for which enabling legislation has not yet passed.

Date issued: 01 February 2024

Labor's revised stage 3 tax cuts: distributional analysis

Advice provided to Mr Adam Bandt MP:
25 January 2024

Date issued: 31 January 2024



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