Latest publication

Latest publication

Dividend imputation and franking credits

This explainer provides an in-depth walk through of the dividend imputation part of the tax system, and the franking credits that underpin it.


13 June 2024

Budget Explainer
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Historical fiscal data: 2024-25 Budget

This dataset provides a range of historical time-series for budget aggregates, heads of revenue, and expenses by function.


16 May 2024

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2024-25 Budget Snapshot

This publication provides an interactive and graphical summary of information contained in the 2024-25 Budget.


14 May 2024


Latest Interactive Tools


Small Model of Australian Representative Taxpayers (SMART)

An analytical tool that allows you to adjust various personal income tax policy settings.

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Build your own budget

An experimental tool to explore the impact of different economic assumptions and policy settings of your choice.

Searchable costings

PDI calculator

The Public Debt Interest (PDI) calculator estimates the costs of servicing debt.

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Publicly released costings or budget analyses outside the caretaker period.

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Online budget glossary

Explains key terms related to the Commonwealth Government budget in a non-technical way.

About budgets
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Data portal

Consolidated research report-related data for ease-of-access.

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