Build your own budget introductory imageHave you ever wondered how much it would cost the Australian Government to lower personal income taxes? What about an increase to the rate of the JobSeeker payment? Or what would happen if the unemployment rate were to fall below historic lows?

Build your own budget is a new educational tool to explore these questions and more.

Using Build your own budget, you can adjust various policy and economic parameters to test their impact on the Commonwealth fiscal position.

The estimates baseline produced using this tool underpin Beyond the budget 2023-24: Fiscal outlook and sustainability.

You can download the spreadsheet above and start exploring the impact of different economic assumptions and policy settings of your choice.

You should attribute any analysis undertaken using this tool as "using the Parliamentary Budget Office's analysis tool Build your own budget". The tool produces indicative numbers to help with your thinking, but it does not deliver full PBO costings.

The tool is currently only available in Microsoft Excel format, and will not work in other applications such as Google Sheets.

For an overview of how the tool works, and the types of changes you can test, watch the video below.

Update Budget baseline Download Date issued
Build your own budget 2023-24 MYEFO*

2023-24 MYEFO

Excel 15.0 MB

26 March 2024**

Build your own budget 2023-24 2023-24 Budget Excel 14.8 MB 28 June 2023
Build your own budget consultation draft 2022-23 October Budget Excel 12.2 MB 16 December 2022

* The modelling for this edition of Build your own Budget is the same as for the May 2023 Budget edition, with scaling factors to ensure consistency with the December 2023 Mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (MYEFO). Note that the personal income tax rates do not reflect the changes to 'Stage 3 tax cuts' legislated on 5 March 2024.

** Small update published on 30 April 2024 to adjust cell protections.     

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