19 June 2019

Full costing documentation is provided on all election commitments, with the exception of select commitments specified as providing capped levels of funding. A searchable list of individual election commitment costings can be found here.

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

Main report [Download PDF 471 KB]
    Budget impacts of election commitments
        Australian Labor Party
        Australian Greens 

    Detailed tables showing budget impacts of election commitments
        Appendix A – Coalition [Download PDF 312 KB] [Download Excel 35 KB]
        Appendix B – Australian Labor Party [Download PDF 557 KB] [Download Excel 72 KB]
        Appendix C – Australian Greens [Download PDF 394 KB] [Download Excel 43 KB]
        Appendix A, B, C  – Consolidated tables of parties' election commitments [Download PDF 941 KB]

    Consolidated costing documents
        Appendix D – Coalition [Download PDF 1.7 MB]
        Appendix E – Australian Labor Party [Download PDF 5.6 MB]
        Appendix F – Australian Greens [Download PDF 6.1 MB]

    Other appendices
        Appendix G – Requirements for, and approach to the preparation of, the post-election report [Download PDF 193 KB]
        Appendix H – Glossary [Download PDF 134 KB]