19 June 2019

Jenny Wilkinson
Parliamentary Budget Officer

PBO releases 2019 Post-election report 

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has released the post-election report of election commitments for the 2019 general election.  This is the third post-election report to be published since the PBO was established and the first to include estimates of the combined medium term impact of the election commitments of each party. 

The 2019 Post-election report shows that each party platform, if fully delivered, would be expected to result in larger budget surpluses in total over both the 2019–20 Budget forward estimates and medium term periods than outlined in the 2019 Pre election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO).
The combined impact of each party’s election platform on the underlying cash balance over the  2019–20 Budget forward estimates period, relative to PEFO, is estimated to deliver a:

  • $0.1 billion improvement for the Coalition
  • $17.3 billion improvement for the Australian Labor Party
  • $3.8 billion improvement for the Australian Greens.

The report includes the fiscal impact of 68 election commitments made by the Coalition, 273 made by the Australian Labor Party, and 86 made by the Australian Greens.  Individual costing documentation has been provided for all election commitments, other than those involving specified (capped) amounts of funding.

Ms Wilkinson commented that: “The production of this report each election serves an important role in encouraging parties to announce fully costed election commitments and to publish their fiscal position prior to polling day.  The PBO’s establishment has ensured that all parties have access to costing services using the same information available to government.”

All parties engaged cooperatively with the PBO in the preparation of this report.

The report is available here.

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